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By Elena Maslova

This booklet supplies the 1st precise description of Kolyma Yukaghir, an endangered language spoken by way of approximately 50 humans within the northeast of Asiatic Russia. It presents an outline of all significant parts of Yukaghir grammar, phonology, morphology and syntax. additionally it is a few annotated pattern texts and a Yukaghir-English vocabulary.

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II, 82 f. Schwyzer Gk. 1 4213, 6969, 7057. org/ Page 53 An Etymological Dictionary of the Proto-Indo-European Language ai-troEnglish meaning: [bitter, sharp] Deutsche Übersetzung: [bitter, scharf] Note: Root ai-tro- : “bitter, sharp” is a truncated root *ai-tra into the suffixed Root ai-2 : “to drive, to overwhelm, harm” with the formant -tra. Material: Lith. aitrùs “ bitterly, harsh “, aitrà f. Bulg. ob-ętriti ‘set on fire “, o. sę “burn, be quick-tempered “, wru. zajátřič “anger”, Clr. roz-jatrūti ša “fester”.

Investigation”; in Balt-Slav. with non-palatal k of the present suffix-skō (towards ar. Arm. ; Lith. íeškau, ieškóti “look”, Ltv. S. iskǫ (and ištǫ), iskati “look”, iska “wish”. References: WP. I 12, WH. 19, Trautmann 67. org/ Page 50 An Etymological Dictionary of the Proto-Indo-European Language ais-2 English meaning: to be in awe, to worship Deutsche Übersetzung: “ehrfũrchtig sein, verehren” Note: The Root ais-2 : “to be in awe, to worship” is a truncated root of ai-ska. G. ēra, Ger. E. N.

Athëtë ‘sharp, sour”, Note: In Alb. athëtë (*ake-) ‘sharp, sour” + common Alb. suffix -të [common Alb. -k > -th phonetic mutation as in Alb. (*mag-) math “big”]. Lat. acēre ‘sharp, cutting, keen. Hence, to taste, biting; to touch, sharp; of sounds, shrill; of smells, penetrating; of sight, keen; of emotions, painful; of understanding, quick, vigorous, energetic”, acidus “ sour, acid, tart “, acētum “ vinegar “; maybe Alb. acar “frost, sharp steel”. with o: mbr. Bret. hygo(u)len, Bret. higolenn “ whetstone “ (with the unclear second component; to explain Bret.

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