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Distinclion does n()I cover all the tensesof a languagc, the aspec! o the pas! ha! mos! oflen evinces aspcctual distinctions is thc pas! rrnse"i Comrie (1976: 7'l)). 2. eemen! have seven-fold person marking: l()llowing the common Cushitic pattcrn, masculine and feminine forms are (lislinguished in 35 in mos! paradigms. lgtl (Tucker: 1967): 25 and 3f havc the same exponent, but 15 and 3M are always (liffcrentiated. ]. Moieover, certain s;gmenrally identical vowels mark a variety of categories, and specificity requires refErence to other elementsl' (Halwatd: 1j84: 255).

Cf. o uncove/'. : "to teat"l nthey learn fiffonunn i when the 3P affix is differen! go, /d/ silrb imunmi +uo r[0b id in+k-o 3P is likewise built with :gl[-|J-[:. 5,2,3. b: "to "to tasre",akllb: Past 15 and /b/ in Perfective Ceneral lcrch', aijjzgh: lose ffnal climb", "to I'crfcctive Impemtive 25. wheo located before a consonant-imtial person marker, rhcy behave as {d}-extendedverbs, ro the extent that *ley assimilatetheir final stem( r)nsonantto the following suffix. e "you taste/ she Estes" "he tastes"(cf.

It occLlrs very often in the negatrve compound pafticle iEhg 'x/hen used alone, ii often has a conditional or concessive meaning; in some cases, it cln even assume a future nuance (cf. senrence 22). i+te tddbu monno+vouohhi+kfof until child IRR+PAST+by+AFFdistress very+PASTsee-C1-3M+that "until the boy saw that he was in great distressrl 20) go-C1-3M+IRR come-C2-3M+lRR+LOCo+PAST+ALLquarel enter-C1-3F "that he went (or) tha! The p fii,cle-complex marker fu: (0) when particles cluster in the particle complex, they are preceded by the particle-complex marker lg;, which we lag "0" and which seems to have no other function than to mark the beSinning of the complex itself (as in senlence 23)).

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