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"For over 32 years, householders during the US and Canada have relied on Henri de Marne to reply to their questions in his syndicated newspaper column, 'First reduction for the unwell House'. With this publication, you will find the solutions everytime you desire them. De Marne has up-to-date all of the solutions for this publication, to mirror the newest in examine, fabrics, equipment, matters, and tastes. the result's a finished manual Read more...

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I feel this would seal some gaps between the blocks and the sill. A. Sill sealers are used to stop air infiltration between the masonry foundation and the wood sill of the house, which is known as the mud sill because it used to be embedded in a mortar bed to level out irregularities in the top of the foundation. The energy crisis of the early ’70s made us aware of the amount of air infiltration, and we began to use sill sealers made of cellulose between two thin plastic strips or fiberglass rolls.

The ductwork closest to the unit sweats and drips onto the floor and we believe that this is the origin of the odor. Is there a way to remedy this smelly problem? We have bought a top-of-the line dehumidifier but it has not taken care of the problem. A. A dehumidifier would be the solution I would suggest but since you have one and it does not take care of the problem, you should have the plenum on top of the furnace and all accessible supply ducts in the basement insulated. Obviously, your condenser is fully-charged and operating efficiently, thus sending very cold air through the plenum and the supply ducts.

All three prices are in the same range. I am very confused as to which one I should choose. Can you advise me? A. You didn’t say, but I will assume that your foundation is poured concrete. Before considering spending any sizable sum on the epoxy injections, I would suggest you go over the grade outside your house. Fill any depressions, correct any areas that either collect water or direct it toward the house. Check the gutters and downspouts to make sure they are free-flowing and that all discharge from the downspouts is collected into a splashblock or pipe extension and flows away from the foundation.

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