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By May Lai-Ying Wong

What are adverbial clauses in chinese language? Do all of them have matters as their opposite numbers do in English? How do the semantic domain names of adverbial clauses have interaction with the distribution of matters? How do chinese language corpora support us discover those exciting questions?
the purpose of this research is to illustrate the usefulness of corpus linguistics as a technique in grammar reviews. A problem-oriented tagging strategy has been used to allow the exploration of adverbial clauses within the corpus and to spot 11 semantically established sessions of adverbial clauses. whereas it's a recognized proven fact that chinese language adverbial clauses (CACs) are brazenly marked through a subordinating conjunction, their matters might be left unexpressed and recovered within the earlier discourse. by means of analysing obviously happening spoken and written samples from quite a few corpora, the writer examines this interesting phenomenon of overt and non-overt matters in adverbial clauses.

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Nonterminal category Symbol Example Adverbial Clause Fa ⎒天ŠŤġ ġ ĽŏĿㆹẔŠųĽİŏĿġ ġ ĽœĿ徃ᶨ 㬍ŠťĽİœĿġ ġ Ľ妋㓦⿅゛ŠŪġ ġ 炻ŠŸġ ġ ⭆ḳ㯪 㗗ŠŪĿġ ġ 炻ŠŸġ ġ ĽŗĿ㈻ỷŠŷġ ġ ĽŏĿ㛢忯 ŠůĽİŏĿĽİŗĿġ ġ 炻ŠŸġ ġ Ľ⺨㉻徃⍾ ŠŭĿġ ġ 炻ŠŸġ ġ ġ zhiyao_c women_r jinyibu_d 炻_w zhuazhu_v jiyu_n 炻 _w 炻_w “If we become more open-minded and realistic and make every effort to explore new possibilities,” possibilities, … ” 35 All of the examples in this book are given in the Chinese characters, followed by pinyin romanisations, glosses and English translations.

Relative clauses have long been a source of controversy in Chinese linguistics. g. ; Aoun and Li, 1993; Chiu, 1993; Wu, 2000) believe that a nominalisation (whereby a verb, verb phrase, or sentence, followed by the particle de, functions as a noun phrase) can be called a relative clause in Chinese if the head noun that it modifies refers to an unspecified element involved in the situation described by the nominalisation. e. ⋾㉍习䘬 maibaozhi de “sell newspapers”. In this relative clause, the subject, namely the person who sells newspapers, is missing.

Secondly, apart from marking possessions, the particle 䘬 de can be an adjectival marker and a marker of nominalisation and explicit modification, as mentioned earlier. Since the term “genitive” is confusing as far as Chinese linguistics is concerned, I decided to exclude this constituent from my parsing scheme. In view of the differences between the English and Chinese grammatical systems, new constituent labels that are not used in the UCREL skeleton parsing scheme had to be invented for the purposes of this research.

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