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By Crispin H T Fletcher-Louis

This quantity examines lifeless Sea Scroll texts which pertain to the Qumran community's figuring out of: a transcendent, angelmorphic or divine humanity; and the position of cultic area and time, and the adventure of worship, within the formation of this kind of humanity. The e-book comprises 12 chapters. the 1st 3 are dedicated to fabric which both antedates or offers very important cognate fabric to the perculiarly sectarian fabric studied within the the rest chapters (especially the booklet of Noah and Sirach). Chapters 4 to 6 study texts dedicated to a divine humanity, the divine or angelec Moses and the heavenly human priesthood. The 7th bankruptcy discusses the paranormal and theophanic importance of the excessive priest's breastpiece at Qumran. Chapters 8 to 11 are revisionist studying of the "Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice" as a liturgy for a divine humanity, and bankruptcy thirteen proposes a brand new interpretation of 1QM 10-17 within the related vein. except lifeless Sea Scroll students, this ebook also needs to be valuable for a person engaged on biblical anthropology, messianism and Christology, and temple or cultic theology.

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Gen 6:1-4) where Noah alone finds favour in God's sight as one worthy of rescue. After the flood there is given to Noah's sons, the children of Israel, the provision of yearly release from sins at the Day of Atonement, lest they too incur the judgement of Noah's generation (5:17-18). Although it is not explicidy stated that Noah offers the Yom Kippur sacrifice the association of the punishment of the watchers and the Day of Atonement ritual, on the one hand, and Noah's rescue and the future salvation of Israel, on the other, is suggestive of Noah's own sacral responsibility.

E. from the human to the angelic. This omission is best explained on the assumption that once a story according to which Noah is born angelic (/ Enoch 106) gains authority, then the view that he became angelic during his life must be discarded. See Grabbe 1987 who overlooks the fact that the connection is made as early as Jubilees (5:18) where the Day of Atonement is related to God's dealing with the fall of the Watchers through Noah and his ark (sec VanderKam 1999a, 163-9). 28 41 THE DIVINE AND PRIESTLY NOAH It should not surprise us, therefore, to find that in the Noahic material Noah is also a priestly character and that it is as such that his angelic or divine characterisation is to be interpreted.

It would appear that this juxtaposition of Enoch's polemic against the fallen watchers with a polemic against Samaritans again bears witness to the fact that Enoch is called upon as a witness against, what from the Jerusalem perspective, is regarded as a heterodox religious practice by the Shechem based priesthood. 92 Israel/Jacob One text which is now well known and frequently cited in the discussion of the Jewish belief in an angelic humanity is the Prayer of Joseph. It contains a statement of the patriarch Jacob's angelic identity which is unequivocal: I , Jacob, who is speaking to you, am also Israel, an angel of God and a ruling spirit.

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