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By Henry John Roby

Henry John Roby (1830-1915) used to be a Cambridge-educated classicist whose influential occupation incorporated classes as a schoolmaster, professor of Roman legislation, businessman, academic reformer and Member of Parliament. hassle-free Latin Grammar (1862) is an entire, concise creation to the Latin language. Written for lecture room use, it offers crucial grammatical buildings within the clearest attainable demeanour, utilizing abundant fabric from the classical authors as demonstrations of easy ideas. The booklet courses the reader via noun and adjective declensions and the complete array of verb conjugations sooner than turning to prosody and syntax, the place Roby's techniques in Latin guide are most blatant. easy, direct, and established upon examples together with texts through Livy and Cicero, the publication indicates scholars the way to parse simple sentences whereas additionally introducing them to extra sophisticated and complicated structures. It is still an invaluable source for academics of Latin, and a desirable record within the historical past of schooling.

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The penult however of adjectives of the comparative degree is always long; that of substantives like corpus always short. (c) Those ending- in x, as, es, and am or ens, (and some others), as feli«, nostras, am am, &c. like I I I . (c) and (a"); excepting that the neuter ace. sing, is the same as the nominative, and the neuter nom. and ace. plural end in ia, as fellcia, amantia. The formation of the cases from the genit. sing, is similar to that of substantives of the III. decl. B. In (5) and (c) the ablative singular ends either in e or i, but in (b) e is more usual, and in (c) i is more usual: (but in ablatives absolute, § 1S4, always e).

The nouns in er which retain e in the oblique cases are s5cer, father-in-law, ggner, son-in-law, Liber, Bacchus, vesper, evening, and the adjectives asper, liber, lacer, mfeer, t&ner, prosper, and those (of more than two syllables) ending in fer and ger. g. ) S 21. Nominative. "When a person is spoken to, the us is shortened into e, thus domlne audi, hear, sir (of. ipse for ipsus, ills for illus or ollus. Compare Willy for William). In words ending in ins the e is absorbed by t h e i ; thus fill (for filie), audi, hear, my son.

Acer, keen. pedester, of the infantry. alacer, alert. ptiter, putrid. campester, of the field. saliiber, healthy. celeber, frequented. Silvester, of the wood. celer (gen. celeris), swift. terrester, of the earth. equester, of the cavalry. volucer, winged. paluster, of the marsh. September, and other names of months. The nom. maac. of these adjectives rarely ends in is. § 16. Some adjectives of the first class have the genitive and dative singular (ending in lus and i respectively) the same for all genders, as totus, whole.

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