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By Karin C. Ryding

This energetic creation to the linguistics of Arabic presents scholars with a concise evaluation of the language's constitution and its a variety of elements: its phonology, morphology and syntax. via workouts, dialogue issues and assignments equipped into each bankruptcy, the ebook offers the Arabic language in brilliant and interesting phrases, encouraging scholars to know the complexity of its linguistic scenario. It offers key linguistic innovations and theories regarding Arabic in a coherent means, supporting to construct scholars' analytical and significant talents. Key good points: • research questions, routines, and dialogue subject matters in each bankruptcy motivate scholars to have interaction with the cloth and adopt particular assignments • feedback for additional studying in each bankruptcy enable readers to interact in additional wide learn on appropriate issues • Technical terminology is defined in a necessary word list

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3. to contact to be united Assimilation of affixed nuun of Form VII Form VII verbs whose initial consonant is miim may optionally assimilate the nuun of the form VII pattern (infaʕala). They may be spelled either way. 4. to be erased to be destroyed Assimilation across word boundaries This process of regressive assimilation occurs with prepositions ending in /n/ followed by a word starting with /m/. 3. 5 “A well-known fact about emphasis is that it spreads from an emphatic consonant to neighboring segments” (Younes 1993: 119).

4 Two sets of rules apply to MSA: one for full-form pronunciation and one for pauseform pronunciation. 1. For full-form pronunciation The first constraint in the segmentation of MSA syllables is that no syllable may start with a vowel. Second, no syllable may start with a consonant cluster (two or more consonants). Taken together these two rules yield the result that all Arabic syllables start with CV (consonant–short vowel) or CVV (consonant–long vowel). A third rule is that syllables must nowhere contain a cluster of three or more consonants.

It does not affect the meaning of a segment or word. It may be progressive or regressive. 1. , A → B, A influences B. 2013 1:40PM Arabic phonotactics and morphophonology examples of this result from the infixed /t/ of Form VIII verbs: the iftaʕala form, changing the nature of the infixed taaʔ to a pronunciation closer to that of the first phoneme of the lexical root. It usually involves an orthographical change as well as a change in sound. 1. 2. 4. 3. t→ŧ t→d t→d t + dh → dd t + dh → dd to remember to accumulate, preserve Assimilation of initial waaw in Form IV verbal noun Because of an Arabic phonological rule that prohibits the occurrence of the sequence [i + w] within a syllable, in the Form IV waaw-initial verbal noun, the kasra of the ʔifʕaal pattern assimilates the waaw and lengthens into a long vowel /ii/.

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