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By Kai Meyer

Menschen, die sich in Tiere verwandeln. Blutfehden zwischen Mafiaclans. Die verbotene Liebe zu Alessandro ... Rosa braucht dringend Abstand zu den Ereignissen auf Sizilien. Auf den Spuren ihres alten Lebens reist sie zurück nach big apple. Aber auch dort kommt sie nicht zur Ruhe. Die mächtigen Stellvertreter der amerikanischen Clans erwarten sie bereits. Dann stößt Rosa auf beunruhigende info über ihre Vergangenheit. Und über ihren toten Vater. Aber warum spielt dabei immer wieder Alessandro eine Rolle? In Rosa keimt ein schrecklicher Verdacht ...

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Kurald Liosan was the first Realm to seal the portal between itself and Starvald Demelain, and the tale that follows recounts the slaughter committed by Osserick in cleansing his world of all the pretenders and rivals, the Soletaken and feral purebloods, even unto driving the very first D'ivers from his land. 'This begins at the time when Osserick fought Anomander for the sixteenth time and both had blood on their faces before Kilmandaros, she who speaks with her fists, took upon herself the task of driving them apart.

But then, it always did. There was no telling how long the journey took in that time within Kurald Galain, nor the vast distances covered, stride by stride by stride. All was in discord, all was unrelieved and unrelieving. Again and again, Nimander Golit seemed to startle awake, realizing with a shiver that he had been walking, an automaton in the midst of his comrades, all of whom glowed dully and appeared to float in an ethereal void, with the one named Clip a few paces ahead, striding with a purpose none of them could emulate, Nimander would then comprehend that, once more, he had Lost himself.

It is my understanding,' observed Spinnock, 'that we all manage to do that, for you humans. ' Spinnock thought about that, then asked, 'And so too the Son of Darkness? ' Seerdomin grimaced. 'Would that all rulers were as indifferent. No, "indifferent" is not quite the right word. He is there where it matters. The administration and the authority - neither can be challenged, nor is there any reason to do so. The Son of Darkness is .. ' Spinnock thought of the sword strapped to his lord's back, adding the tart flavour of inadvertent irony to his friend's words.

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