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Digital measurements are on the right. There’s no distortion at the top, until you reach 0 dBFS. So the nominal recording level or digital tone level is set somewhat lower, and the area between nominal and 0 dBFS is the equivalent of headroom. Since the ratio of nominal to Full Scale is given, you can convert dynamic range to s/n by simply subtracting that headroom … but only in the digital domain. Noise levels, at the bottom of the diagram, depend on both the equipment quality and (for digital) the number of bits.

It’s a good idea to avoid standard diffusers on the vents; when they spread air around, they also generate a lot of noise. In my studio, the 8-inch ducts go into normal 2-foot square ceiling vents from a home supply store, but I took the vents’ diffusers off with a pliers. It significantly quieted the system—and gave my ceiling more of a hightech look. 4 Sheet lead is lead that’s been rolled into a heavy foil, is very limp, and weighs one pound per square foot. It’s still available for soundproofing, but has to be treated specially because of health concerns.

This section of the book describes acoustic treatments, wiring, and equipment for both audio-only rooms and video or film editing rooms where sound is considered important. While sound studios are usually built to higher acoustic standards than rooms that concentrate on picture, there’s absolutely no difference in the principles involved. The advice here works equally well for both, whether 1 Projects from that rinky-dink setup included a couple of national radio spots, some federally funded PSAs, and audio for a major-market museum show.

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