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By Stuart Robson

Simple Indonesian is designed to supply quick mastery of contemporary Indonesian, that is spoken via greater than 240 million people.Divided into 28 graded classes, the e-book presents fill-in-the-blank routines, quizzes, notice puzzles and question-and-answer practices to enhance the training. wide cultural notes are supplied in addition to certain tips about etiquette and applicable cultural habit within the world's greatest Islamic society.

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CV reduplication is unlike syllable reduplication because CV reduplication does not depend on the prosodic structure of the base. That is, in reduplication, a string of the first two CV segments of the foot are blindly copied, even when they are part of a syllable. A reduplicative CV prefix and a 'normal' prefix in Kambera differ in some important respects. Reduplicated prefixes have other phonotactic restrictions than 'normal' prefixes. 4 concluded that the only vowel that appears in normal prefixes is /a/.

In (43e) the second constituent of a (lexicalised) compound provides the template used in the game. 34 2. Phonology This word game is thus evidence that the Foot/Foot* is a domain that is distinct from the prosodic word, because neither suffixes, nor prefixes take part in the game, while the dependent syllables in the foot (cf. (20) above) do. Finally, names which are based on morphologically complex words are preferably a Foot/Foot+. In most cases they 'lose' their prefix, but not their final consonant.

46) CV reduplication watu äi wei pena men ria nggamu nggara hi reu tangar(u) hei lua ita wainggah(u). ng(u) haila ndau tata dangu [da:rju] \vutu 'stone' 'wood' 'pig' 'pencil' 'cat' 'blood' 'who' 'what' 'cry' 'talk, chat' 'watch X' 'go up' 'go' 'see (X)' 'throw X away' 'saddle' 'shiver' 'shake' '(be) a lot' 'be fat' wa- 'watu a- 'äi we- 'wei pe- 'pena [pje-'pjena] me- 'meu ri- 'ria ngga- 'nggamu ngga- 'nggara hi-hi [hi-'hi:] re- 'reu ta. ng(u) ha- 'haila nda- 'ndau ta- 'tata da-dangu [da'da:rju] wu-wutu [wu-'wu:tu] 36 2.

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