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By David Wootton

It is a color photo lead publication for the beginner Bee Keeper. It takes the newbie via their first years of holding bees. Explaining the hive, the way it works, and developing a countrywide hive and frames. Chapters additionally hide the apparatus you'll want and the place most sensible to put your hive. It additionally covers the lifestyles cycle of the honey bee, tips on how to get your first bees, doing inspections, accumulating swarms via to wintering your bees. eventually masking tips to extract honey and promoting it. The booklet additionally has a thesaurus of bee conserving phrases valuable record of web site hyperlinks and a color Pollen Guide.

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She will also at this time take her first short flights just outside the entrance of the hive. Three weeks into her life and fully mature, she becomes a forager. For the next three weeks she will collect nectar, pollen, propolis and water bringing it into the hive to pass on to her younger sisters to store. As a forager she has to survive the hazards outside the hive of other insects and birds and if successful she will have lived in total six weeks. Her three weeks as a forager will have seen her fly many miles carrying her own body weight in nectar and pollen and at this time after all her hard work she will die of exhaustion.

Gently pressing down, being careful not to crush her will enable you to place a coloured mark on her thorax, using a special marker pen which is available in a variety of colours from bee equipment suppliers. As a hobby beekeeper I mark all my queens with a white marker, as I find white stands out better. Commercial beekeepers will use colour coded markers to enable them to identify the year that a queen was hatched. Above: A queen cage. Opposite: A marked queen stands out amongst the other bees.

Two weeks into her life she will transfer pollen and nectar from the foraging bees and be able to store this food in the cells. Nearly mature and with her sting formed after 18 days of life, she will become an entrance guard. With her mandibles strong now, she will patrol the entrance to check returning foragers and to evict any intruder. Sniffing each bee, she will know if a bee from another colony is attempting to intrude her hive and if need be will kill the intruder with her sting. However, in doing so, she will die also.

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