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By Eric Van Lustbader

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And despite himself, Tracy shuddered at her words. He wanted very much to comfort her; he understood her loss well. But what could he really do? He hated himself for what he was about to burden her with, but he had no choice. It had to be her. So he told her in his calmest, most convincing voice with his arm around her imparting warmth and comfort. ' She looked into his eyes. ' He shook his head. 'No. I can't. You can see that, Moira. 1 don't want anyone to think you've been coached or there's been any kind of coverup.

But you saw to that as well, didn't you, you bastard. ' 'Oh, yeah, tell me about it, big shot. But I know the little voice 16 put that bug in her ear. You flushed him down the toilet on us, Johnny-boy, just so there'd be no way anyone could attempt a full investigation ' The forefinger jabbed out again. Tracy had had enough. He felt the rage in him again, the seething lava flow of frustration and he was close again to doing something irrational. He had actually set himself, moving fractionally in the attack stance.

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