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By E.B. Cowell, F. Max Muller, J. Takakusu

This can be a subset of the Sacred Books of the East sequence which include translations of all of the most crucial works of the seven non-Christian religions that have exercised a profound effect at the civilizations of the continent of Asia. The works were translated by means of top experts of their box.

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Having mounted his good horse Kamthaka, decked with bells and bridle-bit of new gold, with beautiful golden harness and the chowrie waving [1], he went forth like the moon [2] mounted on a comet. 4. Lured by love of the wood and longing for the beauties of the ground [3], he went to a spot near at hand [4] on the forest-outskirts; and there he saw a piece of land being ploughed, with the path of the plough broken like waves on the water. [1. ' Wilson, Hindu Drama, I, p. 200. 2. The Tibetan has tog-la ljon·dan chu·skyes tog·can, 'like him who has the sign of a tree and water-born (lotus,) (mounted) on a comet,' but with no further explanation.

Professor Bühler suggests kâkrîdam, cf. sloka 28. 2. I read niyuktânâm for viyuktânâm. 3. Is this a reference to Krishna's story? but cf. Weber, Ind. Antiquary, vol. v, p. ] 18. And a woman low in standing and caste fascinated the great seer Gautama, though a master of long penances and old in years. 19. 'So Sântâ [1] by her various wiles captivated and subdued the sage's son Rishyasringa, unskilled in women's ways. 20. And the great seer Visvâmitra, though plunged in a profound penance [2], was carried captive for ten years in the forests by the nymph Ghritâkî [3].

In front stands the holy mountain Himavat, inhabited by Brahmarshis, râgarshis, and surarshis; by whose mere presence the merit of these penances becomes multiplied to the ascetics. 40. 'Near us also are holy spots of pilgrimage, which become ladders to heaven; loved by divine sages and saints whose souls are intent on devotion and who keep their souls in perfect control. 41. 'From hence, again, the Northern quarter is especially to be fitly followed for the sake of preeminent merit; even one who was wise starting towards the south could not advance one single step.

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