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By Gene Mesher

The Burmese language made effortless! Burmese for rookies is designed for both self-study or lecture room use. It teaches all 4 language abilities - talking, listening (when utilized in conjunction with the audio), analyzing and writing; and gives transparent, effortless, step by step guide development on what has been formerly realized. plenty of routines and necessary words. Very straightforward and enjoyable to take advantage of. there's an audio model that follows the ebook. 3 CDs can be found individually.

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Two other vowels (sec Lesson 3) are also pronounced using an unmarked high tone. 43 Burmese for Beginners 11itmarked Creaky Tones , i Nol all tones are marked in Burmese; A syllable with no tone mark Мшу indicate a creaky tone under some circumstances. In this lesson, you’ve seen two important pases^'of unmarked “creaky” vowels: lon:-ji:-tin ( ° pronounced as “i”), and ta-chaun:-ngin ( pronounced as “o” ). The third common case o f an unmarked rrcaky tone is when no vowel is indicated at all. For example, the verbs sa-de ©000S (start) and ka-de, oooooS (dance) both begin willi creaky tones.

S, A: ko-b-htain be-hma-le:? ogcoo;o^8 oooS^oo^ii Where is the chair? B: ko-b-htain ei’-hkan:-hma shi-de. The chair is in the bedroom. ft, A: myan-ma-nain-ngan be-hma-le:? (^ G O ^ S c OOoS^OC^II Where is Myanmar? B: myan-ma-nain-ngan htain:-ne ein-di-ya-ja:-hma shi-de. (y^GO^Sc 0^£s^ 38|co[^OS(^0 ^oooSn Myanmar is between Thailand and India. 1 A: ein-dha be-hma-le:? 388000 oooSyoobii Where is the bathroom? 60 Lessonj B: ein-dha o-nau’-hma-la:? 388000 30G^oc8

1, ka: (car) ' <* 2, ku: ( cross (v)) _______________ 3, hka: (bitter or waist) _______________ ^ _______________ 4 , gu (cave) _______________ 3, nga: (five or fish) _______________ ft. sa: (eat (v) ) ______________ _ 7. si: (ride (v)) _______________ 8. zo-ga: (language) _______________ 9. hsa: (salt) _______________ 10. hsi (oil) _______________ 11. hsei: (medicine or wash (v)) _______________ 12. a: (free, not busy (v)) _______________ Lesson 2 yo (at); <^(to have); Myanmar cities; conjunctions; present tense; negating a verb; present progressive; consonants II; and vowels; final consonant sounds 49 Burmese for Beginners thin-gan: -za hni’ wr>:-ha-ra Ic-li-hpon: Oo 8 q £ ;SOO goIoooc| 5 Noups OOoSc8(^S myc’-hman Vocabulary 1 telephone eyeglasses pui’-hsan yoSao money (b-la GcSIcVDO dollar i»’ pon du’-pon kin-ma-ra a-bi-dan Hc’-ku kyat (Myanmar currency) e V ©ooS ooSocp 3Qo8©0^ ®rai picture photograph camera dictionary paper table ci’-ya ©os£ □88c p ko-b-htain OjJODOSCXjjS chair /»-bwe: Lesson a-hkan: bed room ci’-hkan: 3880^1 bedroom cin-dha bathroom, toilet cin 388000 388 lun: c o 8s way, road, path, street di-hma §^o here c:-di-hma 3r^§(^0 there lu)-hma house, home over there (farther away) be oooS which or left be-hma OOqS(jO where 50 Lesson nya ¡XO right be’ 0008 side a-yan: 33C[8; very, much a-mya:, a-mya:-ji: OOfc^psi OQüps(< ; jan-do-do c g |£ c o > S o ^ we (male speaker) ° a f a o ?.

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