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By Sandra B. Rosenthal

C. I. Lewis (1883-1964) was once the most vital thinkers of his iteration. during this e-book, Sandra B. Rosenthal explores Lewis's philosophical imaginative and prescient, and hyperlinks his proposal to the traditions of classical American pragmatism. Tracing Lewis's impacts, she explains the vital techniques informing his pondering and the way he constructed a special and sensible imaginative and prescient of the human adventure. She indicates how Lewis contributed to the enrichment and growth of pragmatism, starting new paths of confident discussion with different traditions. This ebook becomes a typical reference for readers who need to know extra approximately one in all American philosophy's so much distinctive minds.

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Just as a mathematical rule may generate an unlimited series of numbers, so a disposition as a rule of organization contains within itself an unlimited number of possibilities for the generation of particular acts of response in relation to particular types of sensory content. And, just as with the number series one may elicit any particular number or any particular cut, but cannot exhaust via enumeration all possibilities, so one can elicit any particular set of sensory-action relations desired, but cannot exhaust via enumeration all possibilities.

If I should ¤nd my calculus of intension, it and material implication would be incompatible, on some points, when applied to inference. In that case, in what sense would there be a question of validity or truth to be determined between them? 1 The ¤rst set of problems arose from the paradoxes of the extensional logic of Principia. Their solution led Lewis to the development of the system of strict implication in symbolic logic and carried him beyond logic into the ¤eld of epistemology and the development of a detailed theory of meaning and analyticity.

But, if the analysis of a meaning is adequate, the schema is included in the statement of the real de¤nition. And that which is part of the de¤nition of a term is analytically contained within it. By turning to the frequently used example “Nothing that is red all over can be green all over,” we can see the way in which Lewis meets the attack of those who hold to the existence of synthetic a priori judgments. It is true that one must go behind the words to the qualities red and green in order to understand the propo- Rational Certitude and Pragmatic Experimentalism 39 sition at all.

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