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SCURVY A deadly disease, common among sailors at the time of James Cook, caused by a lack of vitamin C in the diet. SEVEN YEARS’ WAR The Seven Years’ War was fought from 1756-1763. Many European countries were involved. Great Britain and France were two of the major combatants. The armies of Prussia, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Spain, and Sweden also fought. Many of these countries, especially Great Britain and France, were long-time enemies. As their empires grew, their interests overlapped and caused conflicts.

SONAR A method of finding something submerged in water. A sonar device sends out sound waves and measures the time it takes for the echoes to return. The word comes from the phrase: sound navigation ranging. SURVEYING To measure the size, shape, and position of a body of land and/or water, often in order to create a map of a particular area. TERRA AUSTRALIS INCOGNITA A land that people imagined would be in the southern Pacific Ocean. Captain Cook finally proved this imaginary land did not exist.

Timeline 1728, October 27 James Cook is born in the village of Marton, in Yorkshire, England. 1755 Cook joins England’s Royal Navy. 1759 Cook maps the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. 1762 Cook marries Elizabeth Batts. 1763 Cook charts the lands and waters of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. 1767 Cook is promoted to the rank of lieutenant in the Royal Navy. 1768, August Cook sets sail on his first voyage to see the transit of Venus and look for Terra Australis Incognita. 1771, June Cook and his men return to England after their first voyage.

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