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By John White

Woodshop instruments are a tremendous funding -- so it is sensible to maintain them in reliable working order. This e-book is an entire reference consultant for somebody who owns instruments and desires to profit tips on how to gather, track, preserve and service them.

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The setup bars are marked with the letters A and B. -thick MOE Foot-wide bull-nose MOF shelving is convenient; it is easy to rip a piece into narrower strips on a table saw. Cabinet-grade plywood also can be used, provided it does not have any bow that would prevent it from lying flat on a benchtop while the screws are being adjusted. Plywood has one advantage: It's lighter. Bars up to 3 ft. long can be ripped to 4 in. wide. Bars up to 6 ft. long should be 6 in. wide. If you need an 8-ft. bar, it should be at least 9 in.

005 in. is acceptable on a mid-sized machine. Beyond that, you'll start hav­ ing trouble getting really straight edges on the boards you joint. After check­ ing along the front and back edges, place the master bar on the table diag­ onally. Here again the gap should only be a few thousandths of an inch. There is no foolproof or easy fix for a table that is out of flat. If the machine is still under warranty, the best course is to contact the manufac­ turer. Having the tables remachined is possible, but it is likely to be very expensive.

I take the work in the following order: • Pulleys, belts, and bearings • Table extensions, table insert, and splitter • Alignment of blade and miter-gauge slot • Rip fence • Blade-tilt settings • Miter-gauge stops Some of these steps-such as making sure the miter-gauge slot and the rip fence are parallel to the sawblade-take some tinkering, yet they are essential.

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