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Edith Mayo (Bowling Green. Ohio: Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1984 ). pp. 25-47. 3. "Culture, History, and Artifact," in Material Culture Studies in America, ed. Thomas J Schlereth (Nashville: AASLH Press 1982). p. 123. Beckow's remark brings to mind William Carlos Williams's assertion that "for the poet there are no ideas but in things. "The Autobiography of William Carlos Williams (NewYork: Random House, 1951 ). p 390. 4. See, for example, Thomas J. " Pioneer America 14 (1982).

1 In many ways, it seemed to embody the perils of the worldliness against which earlier puritan doctrine had railed. At the same time this characterization of the outside world was solidifying, new adult attitudes towards children were emerging. This changing image of the child would come to stand in stark contrast to the image of the marketplace. 2 Perceived as untamed blossoms, children were seen as pure, unblemished, and lacking in artifice. They were closely associated with the home, which stood in marked contrast to the world outside,3 a world understood to be dominated by men.

22 Children who died had the surest guarantees of sinless afterlives, for their brief lives protected them from decay. Such deep and unremitting feeling about the role of the child in Victorian society carried visibly into the cemetery, where it assumed a variety of material forms. Most common are plain markers which bear epitaphs and symbols associated with childhood, such as lambs, doves, flowers, and a number of other images. Three-dimensional sculptural representations of children with domestic artifactsmarkers which actually assume the shape of a small person and a related prop with some dimensionare, as noted previously, decidedly much rarer than these markers.

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