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By Hidenori Kimura

1 Introduction.- 2 components of Linear structures Theory.- three Norms and Factorizations.- four Chain-Scattering Representations of the Plant.- five J-Lossless Conjugation and Interpolation.- 6 J-Lossless Factorizations.- 7 H-infinity keep an eye on through (J, J')-Lossless Factorization.- eight State-Space recommendations to H-infinity keep an eye on Problems.- nine constitution of H-infinity regulate

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3). (a) For every x ∈ U , Φ(0, x) = x. (b) For every s, t ∈ R and x ∈ U , Φ(s + t, x) = Φ(s, Φ(t, x)). (c) Φ is a continuous function. Proof. Statement (a) follows from the definition of Φ. 4(b). 3. In the classical point of view, the objective of the theory of differential equations is to find explicit expressions for the flow Φ(s, x). , the behaviour of the orbits when s tends to ±∞. 3). 4. 3) and take p ∈ U . By the continuous dependence of the solutions on the initial conditions and parameters, the function Φp : R → U given by Φp (s) := Φ(s, p) is continuously ˙ p (s) = f (Φp (s)), if there exists s0 such that differentiable.

Basic elements of the qualitative theory of ODEs A be the matrix representation of T . In the sequel we will identify the linear map T with its matricial representation A, and write A ∈ L(Rn ). , det(A) = 0, we will write A ∈ GL(Rn ). If A ∈ L(Rn ) we denote by t or trace(A) the trace of A, and by d or det(A) the determinant of A. This explains our use of the variable s, instead of the more usual one t, to denote the time in the differential equation. Let A ∈ L(Rn ). Then for every s ∈ R we define the exponential matrix of the matrix sA as the formal power series ∞ k k s A , esA := k!

X, y¯) = Consider the differentiable function hx : R2 → R2 defined by hx (¯ (¯ x, x ¯ y¯). Using the Jacobian matrix of hx and the vector field f we can define a vector field fx on R2 satisfying the equality x, y¯)) = f (hx (¯ x, y¯)) = f (¯ x, x¯ y¯). Dhx (fx (¯ From here, one obtains the following expression for fx when x¯ = 0 x, y¯) = fx (¯ P (¯ x, x ¯ y¯), Q(¯ x, x ¯y¯) − y¯P (¯ x, x ¯y¯) x ¯ . 9) can be extended to x ¯ = 0 to yield an analytic vector field on R2 . Such a vector field is called a blow-up in the x-direction.

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