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By Vikasa Mehata

On Sri Sai Baba, 1836-1918, Hindu saint.

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Seeing the miraculous power of Baba - Mhalsapati/ Bayaja Ma and the other people of Shirdi, started believing in Baba with great devotion and faith. This news spread even to the near by villages and as a result many people started coming from different places to see and meet Baba and take his blessings. Bow to Sri Sai - Peace be to all Chapter 7 Topic : ( 1) Dasganu's Bath in Prayag Dasganu's Bath in Prayag Dasganu left his job with the police and became Baba's staunch devotee and disciple. After receiving Baba's blessings, he decided that he would lead his life singing Bhajans, hymns and praises of the Lord.

Baba kept all the pieces of bread collected by him in a vessel kept in the Masjid and covered it with a tin lid. Baba would take a bread, onion and a chilly and the remaining food was eaten by dogs, cats and crows. Baba never tried to prevent them from doing so. Children! This is one example to tell you about the intense relationship between Sai Baba and Tatya. To tell you the truth, Baba was pleased with Tatya because he organised the event of the Naamsaptah of Gods. It is an old and true saying that God is pleased when one recites his name without selfish motive and shares all that he can with the world and by offering it to the Gods.

The embarrassed and ashamed villagers went away from Dwarkamai. This is how Baba saved the life of the dog. The dog stayed the whole night surprisingly the next day it recovered and began to live in Shirdi. Trust in God! The intense faith in God always eliminates fear. Shrddhavan Labhate Gyanam Tatpara Sanyatendriya, Gyanam Labdhva Paraam Shantimchirkanssadhigachchhti. Lord Krishna has quoted in the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, "Hey Parth, these people who take shelter in me and believe in me and chant my name will always get salvation irrespective of their caste, creed and character.

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