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Via a cultural research of the symbols of dying - flesh, blood, bones, souls, time numbers, nutrition and cash - Chinese dying Rituals in Singapore throws gentle upon the chinese language belief of demise and the way they deal with its eventuality. within the seeming mass of spiritual rituals and ideology, it means that there's an underlying common sense to the rituals. This in flip leads Kiong to envision the interrelationship among demise and the socioeconomic price method of China as an entire.

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1). The eldest son carries it during the performance of the funeral rituals. In front of the coffin is a chair with the character hun, or “soul,” written on it and the clothes and shoes of the deceased. A large picture of the deceased known as the “longevity portrait” is set on the chair. 1). Informants insist that it is not just a symbolic representation, but that the deceased is thought to be present and sitting in the chair. Flanking the longevity portrait are two figurines, servants who will accompany the deceased on his journey.

The eldest son then kneels before the altar and, holding a lighted joss stick in his hands, he bows three times. At the same time, he implores the spirit of the dead father to partake of the food placed on the altar. After he has completed this ritual, each family member, in order of seniority, performs the same act. Ritual paraphernalia for the funeral A red sheet of paper containing vital information about the deceased is posted at the site of the funeral. It informs people and presumably the gods of the birthdate and deathdate of the deceased, the number of wives, and other information.

Informants insist that the soul of the deceased resides in the joss urn, and that this is not just a symbolic representation, but a physical reality. Over his shoulder, the eldest son also carries the zi sun deng, which is to light the way for the deceased. Each family member also carries a joss stick. ” The term wang xi fang is Buddhist. ” However, the aim of the ritual is similar, to assist the dead in his reincarnation and alleviate the sorrows he had in the past life. THE PROCESS OF DEATH 37 After this ritual is completed, the family settles down before the shen zuo while the priests chant more prayers for another half-hour.

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