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By Alfred Schütz

The 1st quantity of amassed Papers.

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In phantasying, I visualize in anticipation the action I am projecting as though it were already performed, completed. Recalling the distinction between "action" and "act," we may say that projecting is the phantasying of acts. Clearly, the time structure of the project is of central importance. In projecting, I anticipate the act as already having been accomplished; I place myself imaginatively in the future perfect tense. But the possibility of doing this rests on certain essential elements of the present.

One sufficient for all practical purposes. It is obvious that both idealizations, that of the interchangeability of the standpoints and that of the congruency of relevances - together constituting the general thesis 01 reciprocal perspectives - are typifying constructs of objects of thought which supersede the thought objects of my and my fellow-man's private experience. , everyone whose system of relevances is substantially (sufficiently) in conformity with yours and mine. Thus, the general thesis of reciprocal perspectives leads to the apprehension of objects and their aspects actually known by me and potentially known by you as everyone's knowledge.

This historicity is capable of being examined in its reference to human activities of which it is the sediment. For the same reason I cannot understand a cultural object without referring it to the human activity from which it originates. For example, I do not understand a tool without knowing the purpose for which it was designed, a sign or symbol without knowing what it stands for in the mind of the person who uses it, an institution without understanding what it means for the individuals who orient their behavior with regard COMMON-SENSE AND SCIENTIFIC INTERPRETATION II to its existence.

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