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By Leena Suhl

Leena Suhl provides an imperative view of the construction making plans and scheduling strategy from an airline's point of view. the idea that integrates equipment like optimization, heuristics and simulation with an information base lower than a graphical person interface.

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Herausgeber: Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Horst Albach ist Professor der Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin und Direktor am Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. Die Autoren sind namhafte Wissenschaftler.

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Whieh hub is most consistent with the airline's overall strategie objectives? A system called BUILD-A-HUB was developed at United Airlines to analyze new possible hub-and-spoke-complexes [Sti1l88]. It employs the general network planning framework presented in the previous section. The system envelopes the user in an interactive, iterative search far promising hub-and-spoke opportunities. The model structure is outlined in Figure 2-2. The user first specifies the hub to be evaluated. , however, good business judgement coupled with preliminary data analysis should result in only a handful of promising opportunities to be considered.

Like hotel costs, per diem expenses are an important part of cost but seldom have much influence on the final solution. They tend to be correlated with hotel usage. Airline Planning and Scheduling 31 Most components of the pay structure, like the monthly base pay and hotel prices cannot be affected by a crew schedule. However, savings that can be achieved by minimizing the pay without flying (pay-and-credit), deadhead flights and overnights can amount to several million dollars per year. Gershkoff mentions that a new optimization-based crew scheduling system alone saved $ 18 million a year for American Airlines compared to the older method [Gersh89].

If the aircraft type is to be fixed in the first step of airline schedule construction (Strategy 2 in Fig. 1-4), a product manager states hislher wishes concerning fleet types for given flights. In a later phase these requests are combined into rotations of individual aircraft in a coordination process. If some wishes cannot be fulfilled, changes of fleet types are made in consensus with the product managers. In airlines using Strategy 1 in Fig. 1-4, the departure and arrival time of each flight is fixed first.

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