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By Joachim Mayer; Friedrich Strauss; Renate Holzner

Discusses the care and cultivation of box vegetation overlaying such subject matters as planting, watering, fertilizing, plant choice, and plant arrangements.

summary: Discusses the care and cultivation of box crops overlaying such issues as planting, watering, fertilizing, plant choice, and plant preparations

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This is because the suction exerted on water by the fine soil is greater than that exerted by the coarse sand. Water will not pass into this coarse sand until the soil above it is saturated. The soil above it will remain wet enough after drainage into the sand has stopped to cause damage to plants that need good drainage. Buried layers of coarse sand are usually not natural, but have been put there by uncaring builders and left there by incompetent GOOD GARDENS WITH LESS WATER ‡*RRG*DUGHQV:LWK/HVV:DWHUSSLQGG  landscapers.

Larger families may need to use two bins. The contents of the first bin should have rotted down to compost by the time you have filled the second bin. You can speed up the composting by adding earthworms to the materials. They will probably come in naturally if the bin sits on soil, but otherwise you can get some from a friend’s compost bin or buy compost worms from a garden centre. Because the materials in a compost bin do not get hot enough to kill pathogens and weed seeds, do not add diseased plants and any with viable seeds on them to these bins.

Compaction will be greatest during the first couple of days after rain or irrigation, and becomes less as the soil dries out. – Don’t dig the soil when it is very wet. Wait for one to two days after rain or irrigation. Digging is easiest after the soil has drained for this time. s Mix any layers of soil of different texture: Dig 30 cm deep holes into the soil at a number of places around your garden, or at least where water ponds during prolonged rain. Look closely for any of the following: – A layer of heavy clay that has been compacted by construction machinery or soil that has been stuck together with cement residues.

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