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By Gabor Zolyomi

This paintings is the 1st finished description of Sumerian buildings concerning a copula. utilising the terminology of recent descriptive linguistics, it truly is obtainable to either linguists and sumerologists. utilizing round four hundred absolutely glossed examples, the booklet presents an research of all makes use of of the copula and offers an outline of the morphological and syntactic units used to mark identificational, polarity and sentence concentration in Sumerian.

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In more technical language, it specifies the value of a variable. , it tells us that the referent characterized here as “the bank robber” is nobody else but “John Thomas”. (51) The bank robber is John Thomas. Specificational clauses may also be thought of as lists (an idea of Higgins [1979]): the S functions as the heading of the list, while the predicate specifies what makes up the list. Stefan Huber’s (2000) less metaphoric reformulation of this characterization is paraphrased by Katalin É. Kiss as follows: “...

Kiss, 1998, p. 245) Or, in other words, “[i]t indicates that the focus denotation is the only one that leads to a true proposition” (Krifka, 2007, p. 33). As a corollary of their fixed information structure, specificational clauses may always be paraphrased as it-clefts in English: (56) It is John Thomas who is the bank robber. 37 Other terms in use are narrow focus, argument focus (Lambrecht, 1994) and exhaustive focus (­Krifka, 2007). 30 A Typology of Sumerian Copular Clauses In predicational clauses, however, either the S or the predicate may be the focus (pitch accent is marked here with small capitals), or neither of them (cf.

217-218), attributive (Donnellan, 1975), or non-referential (Mikkelsen, É. ). Mikkelsen’s characterization is based on the idea that definite NPs may have different interpretations depending on the properties of the clause in which they are used (2005, pp. 53-54). A definite NP may be interpreted as referential, then it denotes an individual; or it may be interpreted as predicative, then it denotes a set of individuals. The difference between these interpretations can be demonstrated with sentencepairs like (52) and (53) below.

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