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By Aaron S. Zelman

The Human price of sufferer Disarmament info how anti-gun legislation undermine the sanctity of human existence, how gun keep watch over legislation violate self-rights

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They can even do so in extreme cases by dos ing the patients so heavily with narcotic ana lgesics (opium-based painkillers), or by barbiturate sedation (powerfu l sleep aids), that the patient is unconscious for the final days before death. If that fo rm of death is acceptable to you, then hospice is your route of choicc. But some of us want our fin al days to be dignified and be ab le to say good-bye to our friend s and the world we have enj oyed. Being "put under" is a sort of cop-out. Of course we don't want pain, and in 90 percent of cases that can be relieved.

Perhaps the world's most unrecognized genius, Alan Turing, who developed the theory behind the computer in th e 1930s and was a key player in cracking the German Eni gma secret mil itary codes, look his li fe in 1954 whil e under personal stress. " But, unlike the fairy tale, Turing had dipped his fruit in a jar of potassium cyanide sol ution and there could be no awakening by a prince 's ki ss. About 800 of the 9 13 people who died in Jonestown , Guyana, in 1978 took potassium cyanide that had bee n put into a so ft drink.

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