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Predrill be fore nailing into any e nds. Whe n all the 2 by 2s are in place, trim their e nds. The n install the 2 by 4 trim boards by nailing the m into the cleats. Mite r the corne rs for a more finished look. Footings 23 cu ft concrete {lor 9 piers (S"xS"xS") and looting (l S"xI S"xI 2")} 9 metal post anchors IS Framing 3/ax4 ';'" carriage bolts with nuts and washers Posts 4x4s Beams 4x6s Joists 2x6s Blocking 2x6s I 3 S' length (lor 6 short posts; length will vary) IS' lengths 10 ' 12' lengths IS' length (cut into 9 22';'" ± pieces) Decking 2x6s 24 Fascia 2xSs 2 12' lengths 2xSs 2 IS' lengths 10' lengths (cut into 10 23';' pieces) Bench I S' lengths (2 16 sq It) Uprights 2xSs 2 C leats 2x4s I 14' length (cut into 10 Seat 2x2s 9 I S' lengths Trim 2x4s 2 20' lengths Bolts 20 5/, s"x3';'" carrige bolts with nuts and washers 20 '/a"x3';'" carriage bolts with nuts and washers Nails 5# Sd HOG box or finish (lor bench) 10# 12d HOG common 7# 16d HOG common Footing and Framing Plan 2x8 bench supports I S", pieces) 4x6 beams / 2x8 fascia and rim joist flush with top of decking ~==~~~~==~=='~~==~~~=r====r===~~~~ 18" 1 t L::'I~ ~ ~" ,...

Unlike smalle r b e nches, which can be pre fabricated and the n installed, this be nch is too large to build separately. It must be built from the ground up. Start by attaching the 2 by 4 cleats to all the uprights, ma king sure all dime nsions are accurate . 4x8 beam 2x8 joist 4x8 post Section Bench Joists of lower deck are shifted 130 0 from the upper joists 50 2x8 joist Stair and Bench Details 2x6 joist 2x6 decking I I ' o 4" 16" or redwood Bench detail 2x2s 1Y2"! 5J'2"± 2x4 Grade 2x4 Concrete footing 2x4 2x12 2x4 fascia 2x4 cleat 2x 12 upright 2' 13" • I ~ ...

0: Ledger, Beam, and Joists The led ger should b e 3-by lumbe r if it is available ; othe rwise, use 2-by that is one size large r than the joists. To attach the led ger to the house, measure 2 1/2 inches down from the floor level and d raw a level line along the siding of the house, using a long le ve l or a straig htedge and short le vel. This ma rk represents the top of the ledger. It allows for a I -inch d rop from floor level to the top of the d eck boards. This drop prevents wate r or melting snow from bac king up into the house.

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