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Since the properties of the communicating individuals [person A] and [person B] undoubtedly include many properties not relevant to the linkage [the couple], perhaps properties relevant to a work or employment situation involving other special ways of communicating, we see that the properties of the participants [the man] and [the woman] actually constitute only small subsets of the total sets of the properties of the communicating individuals [person A] and [person B]. There are various kinds of couples: married, engaged, divorced, dating, dance partners, and others.

How does it happen that when I hesitate, you can often volunteer exactly what I was going to say? How is it that a brief exchange between good friends will often suffice where an extensive dialog would be needed between strangers? How is it that a glance or slight gesture is sometimes sufficient? How can we understand that even simple silence may sometimes be truly eloquent? How can mere sound waves serve to inquire, to inform, to comfort, to convince, to inspire, even to incite? Whence this power over us of sound waves, light, and oather forms of physical energy flow?

We can freely choose one in describing a typical deliberative assembly, but note that a member role part must be prepared to cope with the expected variation. In each of these wordings it appears that the presiding officer first refers to the meeting and then pronounces it open or convened. But for such an analysis we need to go well beyond the data available just from deliberative assemblies. We need to enter into the realm of general communicative behavior. 4) . 2) . The methods of analysis are the same except that their properties are a subset of the properties of a communicating individual and answer to data on similarities and differences of a given person interacting in a number of different groups.

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