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By Martin Gardner

Martin Gardner is likely to be the wittiest, so much devastating unmasker of medical fraud and highbrow chicanery of our time. right here he muses on subject matters as various as numerology, New Age anthropology, and the past due Senator Claiborne Pell's obsession with UFOs, as he mines Americans' possible inexhaustible urge for food for undesirable technology. Gardner's humorous, brilliantly unsettling exposés of reflexology and urine treatment may be required studying for someone attracted to "alternative" drugs. In an international more and more tilted towards superstition, Did Adam and Eve Have Navels? will provide these folks who prize common sense and customary feel great solace and proposal. "Gardner is a countrywide treasure...I want [this] can be made obligatory interpreting in each excessive school—and in Congress."—Arthur C. Clarke "Nobody alive has performed greater than Gardner to unfold the knowledge and appreciation of arithmetic, and to dispel superstition."— The New Criterion, John Derbyshire

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Hintikka, I. Niiniluoto, and E. ), Essays on Mathematical and Philosophical Logic, 49-94. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1978 by D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht, Holland. •. , l k - 1 IS a numerical term (formula, function term). ) (iii) When X is a function term, and t a numerical term, then {x}(t) is a numerical term. (iv) If A and B are formulas, then so are -,A, (A V B), (A 1\ B), (A _ B), and (A ~ B). 3. l' 0 is freely generated from a set of 'initial constants ' (enumerated below) by the partially defined operations (i) - (vi) to be described.

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