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By Dorothy M. Chun

In keeping with significant shifts in emphasis in either normal and utilized linguistics, this article approximately intonation has major pursuits. to begin with to teach the sensible significance of intonation, really discourse intonation, that is stated in theoretical linguistics as an vital component to language and verbal exchange and which therefore must be taught to L2 freshmen. Secondly to combine concept and perform with the intention to render intonation available to lecturers and pedagogues, and to indicate a pedagogical method of the instructing of discourse-based phonology and intonation in L2 guideline.

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1992). Pierrehumbert and Hirschberg propose that speakers choose particular tunes to convey relationships between the propositional content of a particular utterance and previous and subsequent utterances as well as relationships between the current utterance and knowledge and beliefs common to interlocutors in a conversation. The various intonational components convey how hearers are likely to interpret an utterance structurally and what the speaker believes to be believed by all parties in the discourse.

Cruttenden, 1997, pp. 64–66). One main criticism is that the model ignores the problem of intonation meaning but focuses on describing a system for generating typical contours that occur in English. (In later work, however, Pierrehumbert and Hirschberg (1990) address the meaning of intonational contours with regard to the interpretation of discourse — see next section). Another serious drawback of much of Pierrehumbert’s work is that it relies on linguist-generated utterances and elicitations rather than on naturally occurring discourse or speech.

In a discourse, high key sets up expectations whereas low key implies prerequisites. , the choice of key for the Wrst stressed syllable of a tone group): the speaker can choose to keep it neutral (by using mid key) or can mark it “contrasting” (high key) or “equivalent” (low key). In general, high key functions to signal contrast, as in the example below where Bognor is in contrast to what the hearer might have expected (cf. Brazil, 1975, p. 13). Phonological organization of prosody high mid low BOGnor // p we’re going to MARgate this year // r not // In addition, at the beginning of utterances, high key can function to mark oV the ensuing part of the discourse from that which has preceded it.

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