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With assistance from serious discourse research (CDA), this publication techniques Turkish politics from an interdisciplinary viewpoint on the way to deepen our realizing of political energy and discourse. This research re-conceptualizes discursive techniques as hegemonic initiatives and 13 governmental speeches are analyzed therefore. It additionally offers readers with a theoretical dialogue at the nature of political discourse via references to deliberative, agonistic and demanding reasonable ways.

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Unlike in the 1970s, the CHP could not become a main actor in politics as an executive power in the 1990s and in 2000s. After the AKP came to power in 2002, the CHP’s permanent opposition role was questioned and the party’s bureaucratic-elitist character has been increasingly criticized by its supporters, the media and the governing AKP. Although the 25. See the theory chapter for the definition of the term. 35 36 Discursive Strategies and Political Hegemony leadership of the party changed and the party increased its share of the vote in the 2011 election, the CHP could not mount a serious challenge to the AKP, and it remained as the main opposition actor in the Turkish Parliament.

National View MNP (1969–1971) MSP (1972–1980) RP (1983–1998) FP (1998–2001) SP (2001– ) AKP (2002– ) Has Parti (2010–2012) Diagram 1. The parties associated with the National View. The bold ones are identified with this tradition whereas the other two parties symbolize an ideological and institutional rupture. The crucial difference between the two groups of politicians, which paved the way for the establishment of the AKP, was an ideological one. When the issue is framed around Islam and radicalism, it becomes impossible to see the fundamental differences between two ways of interpreting the world and Turkey.

Privatization and decentralization are predominant. Attempt to empower local municipalities and weaken the centre. Foreign policy Starts with a very anti-Western and antiEU bias but softens its position. Favours close ties with Islamic countries and pan-Islamism rhetoric is predominant. More pro-EU and proWestern in order to gain legitimacy. No stress on Islamic identity as a source of foreign policy conduct. Pro-Western in order to overcome charges of Islamism and to enhance democracy as well weaken military power within the system.

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