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Lunch was delicious, but took forever. b. 12 This can also be seen in the following pairs of examples: 11 12 We owe this observation to an anonymous reviewer. Examples (43) a. and b. are taken from Asher (2007). Nominalization in context 45 (44) Die einfache Übersetzung brachte mir dennoch viel Geld ein. ’ → Periphrasis: The result earned me a lot of money, although the related event was easy. Remember the example where we had the tedious translation and claimed that this is noteworthy since it explains why it earned me so much money.

Note also that if the derived property is expressed by a description here, only deferred ostension is blocked (cf. Nunberg 1995: 111−112): (25) #The key I’m holding is parked out back. ) is parked out back. Thus, once a predicate is applied to the noun key it cannot be shifted. This brings us back to our treatment of the contrasting readings of nominalizations, as we assume that the nominalization cannot be shifted a second time to match local selectional restrictions once the first modificator has selected one particular reading.

For this purpose, we repeat example (22) here: (22) a. I am parked out back. b. I am {the owner of a car that is [parked out back]}. e. he tells us in which cases we are able to use one expression instead of another: (31) Rule for predicate transfer Let A and A’ be sets of properties that are related by a salient transfer function g: A → A’ Then if F is a predicate that denotes a property P ε A, there is also a predicate F’, spelt like F, that denotes the property P’, where P’ = g (P). Nominalization in context 41 Applied to example (22) where we have the two sets of properties CARS and DRIVERS that are related by the function ‘ownership’ (or rather “drivership” as we will see), this derives the enriched predicate below in the following way: (32) Predicate transfer of parked out back Let car and owner / driver of a car be sets of properties that are related by a salient transfer function g (being the owner of): car → owner of a car.

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