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By Dennis L. McKiernan

1000 years earlier than the wintry weather battle, Elgo, prince of the Vanadurin, killed the Dragon Sleeth and back domestic with the wonderful wealth from the useless beast's lair. yet there has been extra within the bounty than gemstones and gold, for the treasure used to be cursed, and in time it introduced loss of life to noble and peasant, battle among guy and Dwarf, strife and destruction past reckoning.

Now, generations later, because the clash maintains, the good Dragon Black Kalgalath, in league with the Wizard Andrak, seems to avenge Sleeth's demise and declare the Dragon-cursed hoard. by contrast unholy alliance, sworn enemies set forth to discover a mythical long-lost weapon: a warhammer of incalculable energy that could be the one wish of victory. yet neither the Warrior Maiden Elyn nor the Dwarf Thork is ready for the hazards looking forward to them in this quest....

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Wall of Wood (16) This conforms to all the standards for Wall spells; this one is made of foot-thick oak beams. * * * All the Wall Spells are immobile once created. e. the end of his fingertips or staff). Can only be formed in the shape of a regular geometric solid, such as a rectangle or square. Can be dispelled, but if not the wall will disappear after 1 day. Its size cannot surpass 1000 cubic feet. LEVEL 7: Requires minimum IQ 22, DEX 14. p. each. Brain Strain (24) Causes permanent insanity.

Hellbomb Bursts (36) [Range 150’] Disintegrates up to 100 cubic feet of anything. Hollow Vision (50) [Range 100’] Like Mirage spell, creates hallucination. Permits movement, auditory senses to be included. Touch will determine unrealness, but will not cause the vision to vanish. Lasts up to 5 turns. Stone Mold (30) The caster may shape stone as if it were soft clay (does not work on magical stone). Lasts for one hour. Smaller Is Smarter (33) [Range 50’] Decreases size and value of any creature or object.

GM should determine attributes for such, according to the PetersMcAllister chart or Monster Table, if possible. Seance (25) Recalls the ghost of a deceased person if the spirit resides in the Asphodel Fields (not Tarterus or Elysium) [note: in other worlds, this translates to a limitation of only being able to call spirits that are in limbo, not those who have been raised to Heaven or cast into Hell]. A particular person may be specified, or a random ghost will come. A cup of blood must be ready for the ghost to consume; it will then converse for up to one hour (the ghost merely refuses to come if there is no blood; these are shades only, with no substance or powers).

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