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Although the scientists were reasonably well acquainted with the physics involved, putting their theories into practice was another thing entirely. The slightest miscalculations would create an enormous safety hazard for the scientists. For example, neutrons randomly emitted during normal decay of a larger mass of uranium would encounter a larger number of atomic nuclei before they reached the surface than would neutrons emitted from smaller amounts of uranium. The greater the number of nuclei, the greater the number of neutrons emitted to strike even more nuclei.

On a tower 100 feet above the ground was a bomb platform known as the Gadget. The site was near Sierra Oscura in the Jarmada del Muerto of New Mexico. The Gadget held 5,000 pounds of explosives surrounding plutonium and wired to precision detonation capable of responding to the slightest variances in electrical charge, all connected to the X-unit, the firing mechanism. M. the first atomic bomb was detonated. As the electrical charge raced through the capacitor crushing first the uranium "hammer" and, inside it, the plutonium sphere, the nuclear material became supercritical.

The major producers are the United States, Zimbabwe, the Soviet Union, Canada, and China. Lithium could also be obtained from the oceans if there was a sufficient demand. Deuterium is available in practically unlimited quantities in the oceans, in the form of D20 or HDO. 687 ppm deuterium. 6 x 1013 tons of deuterium, providing an energy source of 15 x 1012 quads. Because most countries have access to the oceans, a supply of lithium and deuterium for nuclear fusion is readily available. When fusion becomes available, a safe and unlimited supply of energy will be available to the world.

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