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By Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

'S-Gravenhage 1959 Nijhoff. eightvo, 179pp., wraps. Articles via Fataud, van Peursen, Natanson, Minkowski, Hering, Wild, Kaufmann, Mora, Tymieniecka. stable plus, gentle disguise soiling, backbone toned. No possession marks.

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L It follows for Husserl "that any psychologistic theory of knowledge must owe its existence to the fact that, missing the proper sense of the epistemological problematic, it is a victim of a presumably facile confusion between pure and empirical consciousness. "2 The classical Husserlian refutation of psychologism has as its chief implication, I think, not merely the liberation of logic from the "physics of thought," but more important, the liberation of intentional consciousness from the assumptions of a naturalistic psychology.

But this "I" is the cardinal ground of there being my life as an on-going fulfillment of my possibilities. We may imagine the quality of a concrete human existence as the fulfillment in some modality of the possibilities a priori available to each of us. In these terms, an individual life is the concrete actualization of the transcendental ego, not "my" transcendental ego. It follows that far from the transcendental ego being, as Sartre claims, the "death of consciousness," it is, indeed, the metaphysical life of consciousness.

And to be sure, here I can locate no transcendental "I" in the immediacy of what is directly given. But there is a difference between what is phenomenologically given and the transcendental structures which are the ultimate presuppositions for what is given. The transcendental I is "presented" only as a horizonal theme, unifying and directing my conscious acts and rendering them, all along, concatenated fragments of my life. The phenomenological problem at this point is to elucidate the relationship between the I as an empirical ego concretely and historically in the world and the transcendental ego as the pure possibility which metaphysically underlies and attends the actualization of the empirical ego.

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