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This quantity comprises new examine at the lexicon and its relation to different elements of linguistics. those essays placed forth empirical arguments to say that categorical theoretical assumptions about the lexicon play a vital function in resolving difficulties relating different parts of grammar. issues comprise: syntactic/semantic interface within the parts of point, argument constitution, and thematic roles; lexicon-based money owed of quirky case, anaphora, and regulate; the boundary among the lexicon and syntax within the domain names of sentence comprehension and nominal compounding; and the potential for extending the concept that of blockading past the normal lexicon.

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26 between the two rows of teeth, which are brought close together. It is modified by protrusion of the lips; 1 the pouting is, however, less marked than in the case of the German consonant. The lower jaw is advanced, but (in case) not quite so far as for s. (with me) a dull hiss caused by the air escaping through the interstices of the upper front teeth, and between the little notches of these 10. my \> is and the rim of the tongue. The fore-part of my tongue is spread and the semi-circular rim is pressed gently against the lower edge of the upper teeth; the jaw is not advanced; the vertical distance between the two rows of teeth is about three millimetres.

See 16, 3. c 6. is a hiss caused by a narrow stream of breath escaping between It is almost the roots of the upper teeth and the fore-part of the tongue. a voiceless y; y has, however, a somewhat closer formation, both at the and at the teeth-roots. For Dr. Hochdorfer's y, moreover, the point of the tongue is raised; while for his c it is pressed against the lower teeth, a wide groove being formed in the part of the tongue just behind the tip. lips 4. 5 is a dull hiss produced by a broad stream of air escaping between the two rows of teeth, and modified by protrusion and rounding of the lips.

As very little breath can See note 5 above. get out, the sound is feeble. " rounded except o (see 23, They 14), which, with me, has about the same lip-shape as i. Dr. Hochdorfer's u, u, 6, 6 sound 11. u, u, o, 6, are all nearly like my , u, u, 6, o, but I think they are a little lower in pitch. Although his palate-cavity is smaller than mine, his mouth-space for back vowels is so enlarged by tongue-retraction and lip-protruhis lip-apertures, on the other sion that it far exceeds my own hand, are considerably larger than mine (see 29).

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