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By R. Shilliam

A primary query for IR is whether or not the price method of liberalism may be universalized, or if, in truth, the intolerant fact of foreign politics systematically principles out any such universalisation. The booklet addresses this factor by way of concentrating on the increase and fall of a selected liberal venture supported by means of influential German intellectuals.

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12 By the mid eighteenth century, then, social reproduction had become firmly regulated through a new encoding of rights and duties. The right 34 German Thought and International Relations to things – that is, rights and duties of social welfare manifested through regulating access to the means of production – had been superseded by the right of things – the right to exploit the means of production as an asocial object. A political offence could now be committed, through the proxy of individuals, against a thing.

And this universalism depended upon a historical narrative that exhausted the meaning of the French Revolution as the political constitutionalizing of impersonalized individualism. In fact, Hegel was opposed to the fledgling nationalist movement in Prussia because he believed that the pursuit of German-ness (Deutschtum) would essentialize and stratify political identity into an impersonal collectivist form, thus leaving Germany backward by placing its political community outside of the dialectic of impersonalized individualism that drove Geist.

Necker proposed to pay annuities for life rather than interest and the principle, and famously printed the compte rendu – the first public statement of Bourbon finance (even if ‘creatively’ so) (see Jarrett 1973: 155–173). However, effecting such a transformation again threatened venality, privilege, and the patrimonial system that went with it. Once Necker riled the nobility by attempting to control military expenditure, his dismissal, like that of Turgot, became inevitable. In sum, British methods only produced a further destabilization of the already pressured absolutist system of social reproduction.

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