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Df party 45 46 The status of Romance clitics between words and aYxes e. Martina lo ha comprato e indossato alla festa. ’ f. *Per comprare e indossarlo. , Miller 1992 for French; Monachesi 2000 and Legendre 2000b for Romanian). Only Portuguese behaves somewhat exceptionally again. In Portuguese, preverbal clitics have wide scope not only over coordination of bare Vs (40a) but also over coordination of VPs (40b). Postverbal clitics, on the other hand, never have wide scope over coordination of synthetic verbs (40c).

She gives two reasons for this. 21 In Neapolitan, for instance, postverbal clitics are only found with imperatives, but not with inWnitives or negative imperatives while in some northern dialects preverbal clitics seem to have vanished. If one regards clisis as a transitional stage in the development of aYxes from formerly free elements, this is exactly what is to be expected. Clitics maintain the relatively free order with respect to the host they attach to in the more prescriptive standard variants, while in less prescriptive dialects clitics have lost this characteristic property.

Bound element 2. strict ordering 3. restricted distribution 4. morphological complex 5. subject to syntactic rules 6. deletion under identity III. Clitics are neither aYxes nor words 1. high degree of selection (host/stem) 2. 4 Therefore, the Zwicky criteria leave some space for interpretation, so that even if one author Wnds that one of the criteria is met by the element under examination, another author might Wnd that the same criterion is not met by the same element. In addition to the Zwicky criteria, I use Nübling’s (1992) bundle of scales to determine the extent to which Romance clitics have developed to inXectional elements (see 11).

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