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By Robert Leavitt

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet is an jap Algonquian language, with approximately 500 audio system this present day in Maine (USA) and New Brunswick (Canada). This cartoon outlines the elemental positive factors of the language. Passamaquoddy-Maliseet has 5 vowel sounds and twelve consonants, with pitch and rigidity additionally distinct. phrases are composed of roots; a standard verb, for instance, comprises verbal, nominal, adjectival, and adverbial roots, in addition to quantity, demanding, and different grammatical markings. The stems and inflections of transitive verbs are differentiated by way of grammatical gender, animate or inanimate, based on that of the direct item, whereas intransitive verbs agree in gender with the topic. different phrases comprise nouns, pronouns and uninflected debris. specific positive factors of the language comprise the general syncope of syllables containing unstressed schwa, using absentative different types of nouns and verbs, the department of 3rd people into grammatical different types to point narrative concentration, the reanalysis of many participles as nouns, the marking of intransitive verbs to be used with direct gadgets, and speaker-centred building of house and time.

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Not so fast' (Ind) etuci qasqit Mali 'Mary runs very fast' wen not skat etolamehq? wen not etolamet sipuhsisok? 'who's that not fishing? ' keq nit eyyin? ' tan yut nit wikhikon skat eyiwon? tan yut nit wikhikon eyyin? 'which of these books don't you have? ' keq nit mehsi skat Mali macahahq? keq nit mehsi Mali macahat? ' keq yut mehsi skat maceptuhk? keq yut mehsi maceptaq? ' mehsi skat macephawans? wot keq macephuks? ' (I wonder) tan not eloqiyat Maliw? which way did Mary go? 3. Unchanged Conjunct nopal komiwok 'if only it would rain' (dub) nopal komiwoksopon 'if only it had rained' nopal nomiyat 'if only s/he'd see h/h' nopal skat komiwonunuhk ' ..

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