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By Emanuele Coccia

We love to visualize ourselves as rational beings who imagine and communicate, but to stay ability at first to seem, flavor, consider, or scent the area round us. yet sensibility is not only a school: we're good items either to ourselves and to others, and our existence is thru and during a wise lifestyles. This booklet, now translated into 5 languages, rehabilitates brilliant lifestyles from its marginalization by the hands of contemporary philosophy, theology, and politics. Coccia starts by means of defining the ontological prestige of pictures. not only an inner amendment of our realization, a picture has an intermediate ontological prestige that differs from that of items or matters. The book's moment half explores our interactions with photographs in dream, style, and organic evidence like development and iteration. Our lifestyles, Coccia argues, is the lifetime of pictures.

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It is itself a body, but ever changing, in relation to the different forms of sensate entities: It has no specific name but does have a common capacity, namely that of being able to generate images. In the womb of this medium, corporeal objects become images and can act immediately upon our organs of perception. Perception exists only because there is metaxy. Sensate experience takes place only because beyond things and minds there is something with an intermediary nature. Actio visus non perficitur nisi per diaffonum medians.

Media are what produce the continuity between mind and reality, between the world and psychism. In a world devoid of media, objects would be locked down in their own aseity, and living beings would be condemned to lead an acosmic existence. Thus, they would seem trapped within their own void interiority, in the impossibility of being affected, truly touched by things, or able to host within themselves all of that brilliance and minor life produced by intentional forms and the images of the world that is the most authentic body of animal life.

Above all, writing, speaking, even thinking, means moving in reverse: finding the right image, the right sense that permits us to realize, and withdraw from, what one thinks and feels. Above all, living means giving sense, sensifying [sensificare] the rational. It is transforming the psychic into an external image and giving body and experience to the spiritual. Each gesture in which animal existence is articulated exudes the sensible. Only in this sending out of the sensible can the spirit and “culture” of a people produce itself.

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