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The Essential Pope Benedict XVI: His Central Writings and Speeches

On April 24, 2005, Cardinal Joseph Alois Ratzinger grew to become Pope Benedict XVI, the twenty-first-century successor of the Apostle Peter and the religious chief of a couple of billion Roman Catholics. who's this complicated guy whose place of work promises him sole cost of the world's biggest faith? How will his tenure effect the longer term?

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Every person likes an excellent tale. And it is a awesome tale, a couple of younger guy from the Dakotas named invoice DePuy, who graduates from South Dakota nation university in 1941 with an ROTC fee, simply in time for the great battle. earlier than the struggle ended, he have been an essential component of the transformation of a U.

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Many applauded him and many hated him for it, but it certainly got him attention across the whole country. q 6/24/03 7:05 PM Page 47 POLITICAL AND PERSONAL RENEWAL Teddy also rewarded courageous and hard-working police officers. He encouraged all policemen to be physically fit. By the time he left the police department in 1897, the New York City Police Department was an honest, efficient, and respected organization. After only one year as police commissioner, Teddy was asked to campaign for William McKinley, who was running for his second term as president.

Long was not pleased, but he gave in. In 1897, Commodore Dewey sailed to Hong Kong to prevent the Spanish ships from leaving the Philippines. This move paid off in May 1898, when the Spanish fleet was cleanly destroyed with no fatalities and almost no injuries. The Spaniards were expelled from Manila Harbor within hours, and the Philippine Islands were freed from Spain. Meanwhile, on January 12, 1898, a riot in Havana, Cuba, threatened the safety of American citizens there. Roosevelt wanted the United States to go to Cuba.

He wrote about these hunting trips in books such as Hunting Trips of a Rancher. Meanwhile, back east, Bamie was taking care of baby Alice and supervising the construction of Teddy’s new huge home, called Sagamore Hill, at Oyster Bay, on Long Island, New York. Its walls, like those at his ranch, were decorated with the heads of animals that he had shot. q 6/24/03 7:06 PM Page 37 THE YOUNG REFORMER SEEDS OF CONSERVATION Teddy observed that the buffalo and other large animals were disappearing because “man the destroyer” was overhunting them, and he noticed the extreme dryness in the forests, which could easily lead to uncontrollable “Every lover of nature who appreciates the majesty and beauty of the wilderness fires.

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